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Roof Repairs

If you need urgent roof repairs in Melbourne, the team at Total Roof Restorations can help!

Whether your roof is leaking because of a broken tile or any other sort of damage, you need a reliable team that can provide quick turnaround times and reliable, high-quality workmanship to produce outstanding results.

We understand that roof repairs often can’t wait, which is why we have a team of highly qualified tradesmen ready to attend to your roof, no matter where you’re located in Melbourne.

We can carry out valley iron replacements to prevent leaking, roof re-bedding, comprehensive repair of roof gables, and more.

Want your roof to be transformed to the point you would think it was brand new? We’re called Total Roof Restorations for a reason!

A total roof restoration can completely change the look of your roof to the point where it’s unrecognisable. As part of our roof restoration service, we will replace any broken or heavily weathered tiles with brand new ones, we will also carry out the following:

When it comes to working with cement roofing tiles, we only use our superior 3-coat sealing system, which includes primer, sealer and topcoat. You will also get at least 6 coated tiles as spares for future use, and we will clean down your roof and remove all rubbish. We also provide terracotta roof restorations, completely transforming terracotta roofs and making them shine.

See our roofing questions & answers page for further details.

Roof Extensions

We do all types of extensions.

We also install new roofs and do all types of roof extensions, using any tiles of your choice. For your roof extension, we can match the tiles from your existing roof.

And for ultimate protection we use our primer, sealer (base) and top roof coatings as part of our 3-point coating system.

Re-Roofing / Roof Replacements Melbourne

If your roof tiles are old and brittle, it’s likely you need a complete re-roof – having all your roof tiles replaced. We can either use new or good second-hand roof tiles for this, whichever you prefer. A complete re-roof can be done within 2 days to a week, depending on the size of your home.

re-roof involves replacing all roof tiles and ridge caps and installing new battens, heavy-duty sarkingnew valleysnew gable flashings and flexible pointing. We will also clean down your roof and remove all rubbish.

We also can replace your old tiled roof with a Colorbond metal roof.

See our roofing FAQ page for more information.

Pressure Washing

Dirty roof? Let us pressure-wash it for you and your roof will come out looking spotless! Using high-pressure water at 3,500psi, we will wash and rinse down your entire roof and do a complete clean out of your gutters. We’ll get rid of all moss, lichens, leaves and other dirt off your roof. As part of our service, we will also hose down and clean the outside of your gutters, fascias, windows, paths and other surrounding areas. Most terracotta roofs will look brand new after we’ve pressure washed it.

Roof Re-Bedding and Re-Pointing

We can re-bed all loose or misaligned ridge caps and gables on your tiled roof. We’ll then re-point all ridge caps and gables using flexible pointing and replace any rusted valley irons. Our re-bedding and re-pointing service includes the changing of all broken and cracked tiles, using similar sizes and profiles. To finish off, we’ll clean down your roof and remove all rubbish.

Valley Iron Replacement

Rusted valley irons cause leaks. If the valley irons on your roof are rusted, we can replace them with either zinc or ColorBond® valley irons, ensuring a long life of your new valley irons. In most cases, we’ll install a new foam product called Valley Seal underneath the valley tiles for added protection to stop vermin, water and wind from entering your roof cavity.

Scotia Replacements

The scotia, which is a thin strip of wood underneath the gable tiles, is generally exposed to the weather and can rot away easily if it’s not painted. If your scotia has rotted away, we can replace it for you. We also have to re-bed and point the gable tiles when doing scotia replacements.

Flashing Replacements

Roof flashing is essential for the waterproofing of your roof. Flashing can be very vulnerable in places where different surfaces join, especially around chimneys and skylights. If you have flashing that is rusted or cracked, that will cause leaking into your roof. We can replace the flashing to ensure your roof is waterproof again.

Guttering & Downpipe Replacements

Total Roof Restoration can take care of all your roof guttering needs.

We provide a fully licensed plumber to do all your gutter replacements. We can replace all types of guttering system including aluminium, cast iron, steel, PVC or any other material.

Sarking / Roof Insulation

Sarking is a form of insulation as well as roof protection. To install sarking, we roll out Sisalation paper on top of your roof rafters and underneath your battens before laying the tiles on your roof. Sarking in your roof keeps the heat out in summer and retains it in winter by up to 40%, making it a great insulation material. Sarking also acts as an extra roof barrier or a second skin, protecting your roof from wind-driven rain and dust. If any rain should come in through your roof, it would then run straight down to your gutters. Sisalation paper is also fire retardant, making it a great barrier in bushfire prone areas as it keeps hot ashes and embers away from your roof space.

Gable Repairs

We also do repairs of roof gables. A gable is the generally triangular portion of your wall between the edges of a sloping roof.

Spin Ventilator / Whirly Bird

Need some fresh air? We can install a spin ventilator in your roof. Spin ventilators are effective all year round, removing hot and moisture-laden air from your roof cavities and replacing it with fresh air.

Plumbing & Carpentry Services

Total Roof Restorations also offers a full plumbing and carpentry service. To find out more, contact us today.

For more information about how we work and what to expect, please refer to our roof repair questions & answers page.

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"Shane provided us with a most competitive quote for restoring our old and tired looking terracotta roof. We went with Total Roof Restoration because a friend said they would do all the promised and complete the job as laid out in their proposal."

D Robertson

Forest Hill

"Our preference to deal with an owner-operated small business was fully justified when it came to engaging Shane Bulte an his team from Total Roof Restoration to repair our tilled roof. All workers were punctual, courteous, obliging and most importantly..."

B Main

Ferntree Gully

"Our preference to deal with an owner-operated small business was fully justified when it came to engaging Shane Bulte an his team from Total Roof Restoration to repair our tilled roof. All workers were punctual, courteous, obliging and most importantly..."

B Main

Ferntree Gully

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