Total Roof Restoration’s
Terms & Conditions and Warranty

Total Roof Restoration is committed to quality roof restorations. We use only the best products and tradesmen in the industry and our company has over 20 years experience in restoring roofs in Melbourne.

We always ensure our clients are completely satisfied!

Terms & Conditions

Authority to commence work

All quotations given by Total Roof Restoration are subject to acceptance by the customer within 60 days of the date of the quotation. On acceptance, the quote is to be signed and 15% deposit is to be paid within 7 days.

Prices quoted for all products/services are subject to variation by Total Roof Restoration. Further prices may be amended by Total Roof Restoration if a significant error of fact can be shown in the original quotation.

Subject to any terms and conditions, Total Roof Restoration shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind including, due to delay or failure to deliver work or goods. Without limiting the general this includes consequential damages or losses.

The above terms apply and must be agreed in writing. If the customer fails to pay the purchase as aforesaid Total Roof Restoration shall be entitled (without prejudice to any other right).

Any variations to these Terms & Conditions will be deemed to have been received by the customer if they are forwarded to the last known postal address of the customer. All quotes and deposits are to be made within the terms outlined.

If you choose to cancel or modify your quote we require minimum 2 week notice via email. There is no cancellation fee at this point, less than 2 weeks, you will be billed for all costs incurred until this point, including:

  • ordering of materials
  • hiring of and supping of equipment
  • labour costs
Cancellation and delay of work

Delays can occur from time to time due to elements and unexpected events.

Rain days may delay the commencement of work, work cannot be carried out on rainy days due to OH&S regulations and specific work cannot be done on rainy days. For example:

  • re-bedding and re-pointing work
  • colour application to roof

A situation has arisen where we have become inadvertently delayed due to illness, injury; material supplies delays, council work.

Emergency work required to be undertaken by Total Roof Restorations for safety hazards and emergency repairs at another site will take precedence over other work scheduled.

Total Roof Restorations will do its utmost to ensure clients are kept informed and work schedule is kept on track.

Client’s obligation

For landlord; agents etc to identify hazards to the supervisor.

For example:

  • Hazardous chemical on site
  • Electrical and pluming service problems
  • Asbestos
  • Other work scheduled at the same time

To notify other parties that maybe affected by the work carried out on your property. For example:

  • neighbours
  • tenants etc

To remove cars, motorbikes, etc from the access point to your property to allow access for the tradesmen to carry out work to your property.

This will also safe guard your property from damaged from pressure cleaning and spray machines.

Total Roof Restorations is not responsible for damages to property if property has not be removed or covered. If our staffs are unable to carry out work due to being unable access the work site due to lock out or cars blocking driveway etc, you may occur a labor charge due to delay.

To notify Total Roof Restorations of site changes that have changed since the time of quoting. For example:

  • Other work has been carried on your roof (solar panels etc)
  • Other parties have been on the roof that may have caused broken tiles etc
Payment for work

The price quoted and agreed on will be paid in full on completion of work without deductions unless agreed upon in writing.

You cannot hold payment or payment for complaints or issues. It is important to notify us within 7 days via phone call or email and we will formulate remedies to solve issues.

Cheques dishonoured by the bank incur a fee that will be passed on to you.

EFT payments to be transferred by 4pm close of bank time and confirmation email sent to info@totalroof.com.au to confirm payment.

We only accept Master card and Visa credit cards which incur a 1% transaction fee to you, the client.


Total Roof Restorations hereby guarantees the products used on all roof restoration services for a period of seven years.

  1. Colour/sealer will not peel, fade or dramatically change in colour over the seven year period
  2. Flexible pointing will not peel or crack over the seven year period.