DIY Tips

This is the first of a series of helpful tips on how you can make simple repairs to your roof and reduce the possibility that you made need a roof restoration in future.

First up… SAFETY!

Repairing roofs can be a dangerous job if the correct precautions are not taken. The following safety tips should be adhered to attentively:

  1. If you’re susceptible to dizziness or fainting spells, or have a general dislike of heights, doing your own roof repair may not be a good idea.
  2. Start roof repair early in the morning or wait until later in the evening.
  3. In the middle of the day you’ll be in direct sunlight, without any shade or opportunity for a break.
  4. If you must do your repair during the middle of the day, ensure you take adequate sun care precautions.
  5. Don’t do roof repair on your own. Make sure someone is nearby in case you need help.
  6. Have a sturdy ladder, for getting onto and off the roof, and ensure someone is holding the ladder as you ascend and descend.
  7. If you do metal roof repair and have to cut sheet metal be very careful. The edges are extremely sharp.

As you can see from this image, we construct safety railing before beginning a roof restoration, to make the work area as safe as possible. Not everyone can go to these lengths to ensure safety, but every little bit counts.

The Total Roof Restoration Guarantee

All our roof repairs and roof restoration services come with a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship and we will leave your roof and property in spotless condition. Watch this introductory video to learn a little more about the difference Total Roof Restoration can make to the value of your home.

Roof Bedding and Re-bedding

Bedding is the cement which is laid to secure the capping to the roof, and it is vital that this be maintained to prevent leaks and further wear of your roof.

Over a period of a time it is likely that the bedding will crack and sometimes fall apart, leaving the tiles exposed and unsecured. If this is occurring with your roof, call the specialist team at Total Roof Restorations to come and take a look.

To understand the process a little better, take a quick moment to watch our Roof Bedding and Re-bedding video below.

Preparing Your Roof For a Restoration

As one of Melbourne’s premier roof repairers it is our duty to not only provide you with a great result and a roof that will last, but also protect all your outdoor areas during the roof restoration process. We cover all you outdoor areas such as patios and pergolas, to ensure they are protected from overspray. Watch this short video on how we carefully prepare the site before beginning the restoration process.

Watch Our Roof Top Coat Video

The top coat is the final stage of the roof restoration process. We use 100% arcylic, high gloss roof coatings which are safe for water collection. We have a huge range of colours available to give you a fantastic result.

If you are considering restoring your roof or perhaps a more basic roof repair, we are happy to help! Contact us today for a free quote, or fill out our easy to use online contact form.

Try a roof colour before you buy!

Not sure what colour your roof should be? We’ve got you covered! Head to the interactive colour picker on our website and test our our full range of 42 roof coatings!

Total Roof Restoration use Regent Paints, experts in the roof protection industry. Regent Paints are 100% Acrylic, designed to re-surface concrete roof tiles and ColorBond® surfaces and are also safe to collect drinking water.

If these colours aren’t what you are looking for, we also offer a colour matching service to suit corporate colours, existing roof tiles and new extensions.

The roof repair and restoration specialists!

As our name implies, we specialise in full roof restorations. Your roof will look entirely new after we have restored it! We will replace all chipped and broken tiles, replace rusted valley ironspressure clean your roof with 3,500psi water pressure and remove, re-bed and point all cement work.

For cement tiles, we only use our superior 3-coat sealing system, which includes primer, sealer and topcoat. You will also get at least 6 coated tiles as spares for future use, and we will clean down your roof and remove all rubbish.

See our roofing questions & answers page for further details.